The professional golf course is for the maintenance because of complexity a real art, as well as its high quality, visual appeal and efficient work.All this requires specific knowledge and years of experiences, only those can guarantee increased efficiency and ultimately bring cost savings for the owners.That’s the reason why owners and managers, as well as clubs, cede this big responsibility to us.The golf industry is at a critical point when old approaches to maintaining the pitch are inefficient.In today’s golf world a well-maintained and presented golf course is a matter of course and a necessity for getting and retaining its members.This clearly proves that your club is operating in the right direction and effectively offers an enriching golf experience for golf members and players as well as all its enthusiasts.

Golfservis s.r.o ensures the long-term stability and growth of your golf course, delivering the best standards, knowledge and technology to maintain it efficiently and economically.This is achieved by a combination of years of experience, maintenance programs and a high quality commitment of working with our responsible and experienced team. By working with Golfservis s.r.o, you can look forward to:

  • Improved presentation of the golf course
  • Effective costs and solutions
  • Fixed cost-solutions that allow you to plan for a long time
  • Complete service package for you
  • Consultancy
  • technical and machine security
  • Complex agronomic solutions