Grind center

We have a grinder SBR 900 which is capable to grind most of spindle mowers without removal of the lower nife. This means that by montage the nife back this will not ripple.There is a lot of theory, practice and misconceptions about grinding for optimal performance.Grinding does more than just sharp edges.The spindles of mowers are precise machines which requirie day-to-day maintenance for the perfect cut of the grassland.The spindle mower is only able to reach this if the spindle and the knife are sharp and the knife spindle contact is maintained approximately 0.051 mm (0.002 inch).There are several reasons why this is needed.The contact between the spindle and the knife generates heat. This deforms the lower knife and spindle and increases machine’s consumption.
Another reason is unnecessary overstrain on drive mechanisms and premature wear away of the cutting device.Vibrations which means wear away of bearings, equipment, and etc.