This rich experience and knowledge of Golfservis s.r.o company means that we can provide you a comprehensive and unique solution for maintenance with goal to improve the condition and quality with a lower cost and to provide a larger membership base

We will ensure a comprehensive high level for agronomic health. Our team will develop an agronomic program that will meet the maintenance objectives and standards.

Costs and responsibilities
We can take over and provide complete labor and material requirements. This solution means exact annual costs so for clubs with fixed prices are those predictable.We guarantee this by insurance.

Materials and equipment
Golfservis s.r.o provides all the chemicals, fertilizers, spare parts, all the machines and materials needed for yearly maintenance program.The supplier sends one invoice per month and this offers significant savings in the administration.Our maintenance team will assume responsibility for maintaining the entire golf course, equipment including all fuels, oils, lubricants and spare parts required for the operation and maintenance of the equipment.Our team implements a preventive maintenance program for all machinery and uses our information system for tracking moto hours, service intervals, work history and maintenance costs.

Operational excellence
With company Golfservis s.r.o, you’ll get agronomic, technical equipment and control from specialits, which only few clubs can afford on a stand-alone basis, where the result is in sophisticated planning, proactive implementation, early detection of problems and a faster, more effective solution. We analyze your golf course and create a work plan that best suits to your the specific needs. This work plan consists of proved management strategies which improve the experience for players, improve attention to detail and ensure that the maintenance team works efficiently and safely

Our goal is to equip your golf course with the right tools, resources and training to make it more efficient for your club’s short and long-term goals and to get a year-on-year increase.Your golf course will be attended by a superintendent.Together we can give more than what an individual for your golf course.

Development of maintenance team
Golfservis team will help you develop professionally while supporting your goals for your golf course.Our management team attends training programs, technical skills seminars, etiiquette and safety – all with the aim to maximize the productivity and raising of quality standards.Our team of experts is doing scientific analysis from your field and characterizes the current situation.Our experts will cooperate with you to define your vision creating a clear idea for your expectations, future visions and value propositions.


Golfservis s.r.o offers consulting services for your golf course where you work with your staff to maintain the highest standards.This approach ensures that your staff will get regular instructions and training for development and the efficiency of their work.Our team will visit your golf course several times during the year.These visits will help to evaluate the conditions for a golf course and the possibility of providing further recommendations on nutrient and chemical requirements, technical refurbishments that may be required and what the implementation strategy will be We customize partner solutions that are inventive, diverse, dynamic and strive for excellent service for your financial success.